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Why You Should Register It

Smart WorkTime Tracker has trial version. This means that we have made the software available to you for free evaluation. You are entitled to evaluate the software for up to 15 days without obligation to pay. After 15 days, if you decide to keep the software, you must register your copy with us. There are also a number of 'incentives' for registering it:

  • Removes the registration and license dialogs.
  • Customer support
  • You will receive word about updates and new releases.
  • Free upgrade to any minor version (2.x).

What to purchase?

You can choose the most appropriate license type when buying Smart WorkTime Tracker:

License types

  • business license - you can use SWTT for all purposes without any limitations as declared in the license agreement.
  • home license - you can use SWTT on your home computer without any limitations as declared in the license agreement.

How You Register It

Register using the ShareIt! online registration service. You may order online via the internet, or via the telephone either in Europe or the U.S., by fax, post, or email. Payments are accepted in US Dollars, Euros or Pound Sterlings. If paying by credit card, you can submit your card number by secure http-server, by fax, or by phone. Within a few days after the payment transaction has been processed, we will email you a personal registration code.
To start registration procedure, please choose license quantity and type in the table to the right.

Upgrading from SWTT1

You can upgrade from SWTT 1 Pro for free. Just download the updated version and use your old license key.
In order to upgrade from SWTT 1 Standard your should purchase $15 upgrade. Please use the order page.

Please contact us at with all questions, suggestions and inquiries. You may be sure that your message won't be buried in the vault, we read all of them and try to implement your suggestions in the future versions of the program.

SWTT Business License
Quantity Cost per License
1 $39.95 ~€36.80
2-3 $33.95 ~€31.28
4-15 $24.95 ~€22.98
16 and more $19.95 ~€18.38

SWTT Home License
Quantity Cost per License
1 $24.95 ~€22.98
2-3 $22.95 ~€21.14
4-15 $20.95 ~€19.30
16 and more $15.95 ~€14.69

SWTT1 Std to SWTT2 Upgrade
Quantity Cost per License
1 and more $15.00 ~€13.82

Registration notes:

Be sure to provide valid e-mail address when filling the order form.

If for any reason you do not receive your product license in a reasonable time (usually one-two business days for credit card transactions, two weeks for all other payments), please notify us!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by such delays.

Copyright © 2000-2009, A!K Research Labs.