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User Opinions:

Robert Kroeger:

I have been using the Smart WorkTime Tracker (or SWTT for short) for a few days now. Before using SWTT, I did not realize how useful SWTT would be. SWTT permits me to define projects and create todo tasks in each project. Then, while I work, SWTT tracks how long I spend working on each todo task. Further, it records which applications I use and how long I spend using each one of them.

SWTT does all of this in an easy and convenient way. The SWTT main window has a unique docking mechanism that keeps it instantly available and yet uses almost no screen space. Further, SWTT can automatically assign time spent using different applications to different projects.

However, the best part of SWTT is how it helps me work harder. The SWTT main window presents a histogram of how I've spent my time over the day. The histogram looks a lot like a CPU load graph. However, rather than measuring CPU load, the SWTT histogram measures how hard I have been working! No longer do my breaks stretch overly long. Instead, every gap in my load meter reminds me to stay focused and keep working.

Moreover, SWTT's detailed per-application time tracking reports clearly show me in which applications that I've spent my time. Just knowing that SWTT has permanently recorded a morning wasted on web-browsing or reading news helps me get back to the task at hand. SWTT provides the metrics that I need to improve my time management skills.

Esther Fuldauer:

It's just what I was looking for to keep track of the time I spend working on different projects. I am a freelance web designer and up to know I've had serious "scope creeps" for not estimating well how much time I spend on the different tasks I perform during the day. Keeping track of time is a task in itself too and it takes a lot of time to analize what different projects consist of, so using your program is doing all this automatically as I work and at the end of the day I can really see if I have been working intensely or just been surfing around wasting time. The reports will also help me build budgets for future projects.

Otherwise the application is doing great. Congratulations for your great thinking :-))

Gary Smith:

I have answered my own question. And, I really like the answer! SWTT allows GREAT flexibility. Even with applications as simple as Notepad.

I can have two copies of Notepad running with different documents loaded into each --- thus, the Notepad windows will have different captions. Then I can cause SWTT to automatically switch project focus when I switch between Notepad windows. This is done by simply telling SWTT to examine the active Notepad window caption for a particular document name.

Notepad itself does not support the project metaphor. But that does not matter. SWTT is a great tool !!

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