Workday Settings

If your workday is not fixed, but you want to spend certain time on your work each day, you can use SWTT to find out how much time you have already spent on your work today and how much time is left until the workday is over.

To configure this feature, you should open the "Workday Settings" dialog box (click "click to configure" in the Indicator title) and specify what projects are used as your work projects, how much time you should spend on your work per day and configure the rest of parameters if you want to.

Do not use this feature - enable this option for SWTT not to count how much time you have spent today on your work and not to show how much time is left until the workday is over in the Indicator title.


Projects - select the projects working on which will be added to your working time.

Workday length - specify how many hours per day you want to spend on your work.

Different workday length during the week - if the workday length will be different on different weekdays, select this option.

New day begins at - specify when the new day begins. For example, if you wake up at 7 am, specify 4:00 here and SWTT will consider that your day starts at 4:00 and ends at 3:59.


Here you can specify whether it is necessary to show you the message that the workday is over and, if necessary, what sound file you want to hear. You can also specify a similar message appearing 15 minutes before the workday is over.

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