To-do list

Each Smart WorkTime Tracker project has an individual to-do list.This list may contain descriptions of all tasks, which you don’t want to forget about. If you want to view the to-do list, select in the main window a project or an application associated with this project and click the third properties tab.

Press Add to add a new to-do task or double-click on an existing task to edit it. This is the task editor window::


Fill in Category field (e.g. “Bug fix”, “Update”… “Office”, “Home”… etc.); enter a short description of the task in Action Item field and a detailed description (if necessary) in Additional Description field. If the task is urgent, set high priority level (4 or 5). Task type is used only in some reports (e.g. “What’s new”).

"Success" flag makes sense only if you have already worked on a particular task. In this case it marks the fact that the task has been successfully

“Start the task immediately” flag shows that the task will be marked as started as soon as you press “Ok”.

“Started” and “finished” fields contain the dates when the task was started and finished. The are filled automatically when you press “Start!” and “Finish!” buttons.

Many SWTT reports (Working Time Distribution, What’s new etc.) make use of to-do list data.

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