Building Reports

Use Smart WorkTime Reports to create reports. To open it, use the report builder button in the indicator window or in the main window of Smart WorkTime Tracker.

Report Builder

Select the report you are interested in from the "Select Report" list and you will see its description and sample view in the main area. After that you can change the report settings in the right part of the window, specify the period, select projects, etc. After that click the "Build" button and SWTT Reports will create your report and show it in the main area.

Note: You can change the color scheme of the report in the "Color scheme" field. Use the "Black White" scheme to build a plain report intended for printing out. Or the "Color" scheme in order to build a colored report.

You can use the Report\Save to file menu command to save the built report as an html file.

Use the Report\Print command to print the report.

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