Purchasing and Licensing Issues

How to register / purchase:

To purchase the software you should point your web browser to http://tracker.aklabs.com/register.php, then select your license type and the number of licenses you wish to purchase and finally make the money transaction. Note: all payments are processes by well known trustworthy ShareIt! service. That means we will never have access to your credit card information! You may order online via the internet, or via the telephone either in Europe or the U.S., by fax, post, or email. Payments are accepted in US Dollars, Euros or Pound Sterlings. If paying by credit card, you can submit your card number by secure http-server, by fax, or by phone. Within a few days after the payment transaction has been processed, we will email you a registration code.

What you get:

Once your payment has been confirmed you will receive via e-mail a registration code that contains information on licensing (number of licenses purchased and registration name). This code will turn your evaluation copy into fully working version of Smart WorkTime Tracker.

Registration questions?

Should you have any questions concerning licensing and \ or registration feel free to contact our technical support service at tickets.aklabs.com or open our forum at http://aklabs.com/forum.

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