Project Properties

The important peculiarity of SWTT is that it can switch between projects automatically. Of course, you can switch the active project manually (just click its name in the indicator window), but you can also configure SWTT to do it automatically as soon as you open a certain application or an application that has the specified text on its title bar.

This tab contains the properties of the project selected in the "Projects" pane. SWTT uses them to determine whether you are working on this project or not.

Project properties

The main part of the window contains three lists of applications whose purpose you can see below. To add a new application to a list, use one of the following methods:

  1. Click the "+" button to the left from the list title.
  2. Use the mouse to drag the application from another list.
  3. Enable the Learning mode (see the option below), close the main window and then start the application you want to add to the project. The "Application was added to " window showing that the started application has been added to the "Track user activity when the project is active" list will appear in the tray. Read more detailed information about the Learning mode below.

For SWTT to switch to the project automatically, you should add applications that are used only in this project to the "Activate the project when the following apps active" list. You can also use the application settings to specify that there must be some certain text in its title bar. For example, this way you can specify that the program should switch to the "Work" project when you open the "My Work" folder in Windows Explorer.

Note: SWTT switches to the project automatically not at once, but only after 4 (you can change this value in Settings/Other) keystrokes (or mouse clicks).

Also, there are cases when you want to add the time you spend working with certain applications to a separate project without changing the active project. For example, you can create the Chat&Forum project and use it to track time you spend in ICQ and mIRC and read forums in Internet Explorer. To do it, just create the corresponding project and add these applications to the "Do not activate the project, but track the activity" list. After that you can work on some project, then switch to ICQ for several minutes and then continue working on the project. The time you spend in ICQ will be added to "Chat&Forum", but the active project will not be changed.

Note: If you do not work with any application from the "Activate the project when the following apps active" and "Do not activate the project, but track the activity" lists for 30 minutes (also specified in Settings\Other), the "Other apps" project will become active.

Add those applications that can actually be used when you work on this project to the "Track user activity when the project is active" list. Thus, for example, you can use Calculator and Notepad, but cannot use Minesweeper (do not add it) while working on the MyWork project.

Note:If the Learning mode is enabled, SWTT will add the time spent in all rarely used (or launched only once) applications to "Rarely used software".

If the "Learning mode" is enabled for the active project (enabled by default), once you open an application absent in this project, the application will be automatically added to the "Track user activity when the project is active" list. If the "Learning mode" is disabled, the application will be added to "Other apps".

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