Main Window

The main window enables the user to operate all functions of Smart WorkTime Tracker. It is conditionally divided into 7 parts, each of them is described below.

1. Main Menu. Use the menu to access all Smart WorkTime Tracker functions and commands.

2. Toolbar. This area contains buttons for the most frequently used commands.

3. Projects. Here you can see the list of all projects. Use the File\Add project command to add a new project.

Note: The Other Apps project is a special project that cannot be deleted. This project becomes active when you start the program. If SWTT cannot determine what project you are working on at the moment, the time will be added to the Other Apps project.

Icons in the project list mean the following:

4. Project properties. Here you can select what applications you use to work on the selected project and specify the rules for switching between projects automatically.

5. Application properties. Here you can specify the conditions for detecting the selected application and get brief statistics on its use.

6. Quick info. It shows the basic statistics of working on the project and the list of recently run applications. Use the report builder to get more detailed information.

7. To-do list. . It allows you to manage the to-do list of the selected project.

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