Settings Dialog

To show the Settings Dialog you must open the main window of Smart WorkTime Tracker and choose the Files-Settings menu item.

The indicator's dockline color - Changes the color of the indicator's docking line. (The default is red.)

Automatic start on login - If you want the Smart WorkTime Tracker to start automatically when you log in to Windows, then set this flag. (By default, this is enabled.)

Autosave every (min) - You may set this flag to prevent losing your project information as a result of a computer crash. In this case, you should specify an autosave interval in the editor's field. (Five minutes is the default.) Press the button "Save projects info now" to immediately  save your project information.

Switch active project to "Other apps" if no confirmation within - You may set this checkbox and specify how many minutes should elapse while working with a base application (one from "Activate the project when the following apps active" or "Do not activate the project, but track the activity" lists) before the Smart WorkTime Tracker will automatically switch the active project to be "Other apps" .

Play sound when active project changed - You may set this checkbox if you want to play the specified sound file when Smart WorkTime Tracker automatically switches the current project to be "Other Apps".

Don't switch the active project automatically if the user has pressed less than N keys while working - Self-explanatory (recommended)

Pause time tracking if the user has not been working on the computer for more than – If you want to stop time tracking when you stop working on the computer, then set this checkbox (strongly recommended) and specify how much time (in seconds) may pass without computer usage before the tracker will automatically suspend time tracking.

Pause time tracking if the screensaver is active - Self-explanatory.

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