Controlling Indicator

Indicator is a small window, which gives you quick access to all Smart WorkTime Tracker basic functions. Here is the detailed description of the information shown in the indicator window.

0. Shows how much time is left until the workday is over. Click to open Workday settings window.

1. Total time spent working with the current application.

2. Indicator close button. Left-click on SWTT tray icon to open this window again.

3. The marked checkbox shows that the current application is bound to the active project (The current application should be placed in "Activate the project when the following apps active" or "Do not activate the project, but track the activity" list). 

4. The name of the current application is shown in regular typeface, the name of the project this application belongs to, is shown in bold type. 

5. Quick move of an active application to another project button.

6. Shows the list of all available projects. The pressed button indicates the active project. 

7. This histogram reflects the intensity of work for the last several hours. The image area is split into 10 minutes time periods and the total duration of work within each of them is shown. The latest data is shown at the bottom of the histogram.

8. Active task (from to-do list). Four lines in the left part of the combo box contain a description of the action item. On the right - task priority (a five-degree graph) and two icons reflecting task status: "" - public, "" - active. Press "" button to open the drop-down list of incomplete tasks (items in the list are sorted in descending order according to their priority). Warning! When you choose a task from the list it is automatically activated!

9. Quick access to Smart WorkTime Tracker main functions. 

If you dock the indicator window to the edge of the desktop, it will be shown only when you move the cursor over the place of docking.

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